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This page is a safe space for reliable and truthful information about relationships, human sexuality, health and wellbeing for people aged 16+. 

Click on the coloured boxes to find reliable links about relationships, sexual and reproductive health, i.e. sexual health checks,  information about Medicare, consent, respectful relationships, and body image. With a focus on learning about pleasurable and positive experiences. 

This page has been created by an Australian sexuality education business, that provides education resources to schools, teachers and parents. We want to provide you with a safe space for information all in the one place. We hope that  young people can have the knowledge  and resources that they need to enjoy fun, pleasurable, safe, healthy,  joyful and connected experiences and partnerships.

From the team at Talking The Talk Healthy Sexuality Education.

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It is a Human Right  to have access to medically accurate, age appropriate, sexual health and wellbeing information at all ages and stages of life. 

Children deserve to understand their body and how it works, and about healthy relationships.  Especially when it comes to safety, health and wellbeing,  it is crucial that young people have access to comprehensive sexuality education.

Many children have  inadequate formal sexuality education or conversations with parents and carers. That is why Talking The Talk has developed this Young People’s resource aimed at 16+ people to access reliable and accurate content in one place. 

Everyone deserves healthy development and wellbeing experiences, as well as, happy, informed, positive, consensual,  joyful, pleasurable, intimate encounters and partnerships. Information is power when it comes to the best opportunities to have a safe and healthy sexual journey as Human Sexual Beings.

Our society does not do enough to prevent children from having  access to violent sexualised online content, harmful social media and advertising. This often becomes the default education. 

Parents & carers  overwhelmingly want their children to have this information but often feel uncomfortable when discussing human sexuality, respectful relationships and consent topics with their children and so often avoid it.  Many adults have never had adequate sexuality education themselves.

A very small vocal minority of adults try to actively withdraw, block and prevent sexual health and respectful relationship information we think this is neglectful, when overwhelming global evidence tells us that information provision keeps them safe healthy and happy.

Indeed evidence tells us that NOT providing it is actually harmful, i.e  in relation the prevention of child sexual abuse. Just look at the current stats from the 2023 Australian Maltreatment study! 

! In the absence of accurate information, children are getting a sexuality education from the world around them; social media, internet, online mainstream pornography and popular culture, they deserve better than that. We hope you share this page wth your young person.