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“Improving the Sexual Health and Wellbeing for all Humans”


Our mission is to improve the health & happiness of every human’s personal experience of BASB (Being A Sexual Being). 

Through knowledge and education, we aim to positively influence  an individual’s; 

lifetime journey of discovering their own unique sexuality personality  and to 

facilitate their right to the opportunity to write their own sexual health and wellbeing ‘script’ for their journey through life.

The Talking The Talk Virtual Classroom

Sexuality, Consent and Respectful Relationships  Education delivered virtually to the classroom any time you choose in 2022


Parent Guide: Sex and Sexuality Conversations With Kids 

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It's time to take the stress and fear out of conversations about sex with children. (By the way  - you will see that it has hardly anything to do with 'sex')

Just imagine the healthy lifetime journey your child will have if you are their main source of human sexuality  information, rather then their current main educator i.e. social media, pornography, advertising, gaming and peers...

Scripts, and what to expect at what age at your fingertips.

If you are ready to talk about sex, sexuality, consent and respectful relationships with children aged 2-17, you are in the right place!

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What parents are saying: 

"This E-Book is fantastic! I love how the info is arranged in order of age group so l can skip to the parts relevant to my children. I also love the easy to read format. It’s definitely a must have reference book to have on hand to refer to for those tricky conversations..."

Parent of 8 & 11 yo 

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Let's talk about 'sexuality', not 'sex'!

Book and Resource Recommendation List

Consent Education: As Easy As Shoe Laces and Lego

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Why are our parent sessions so popular? Because we tell it like it is. The aim of our parent session is to leave you with tips, tools and confidence to have positive conversations with your kids


Our teacher education delivers content that addresses two of the most commonly identified barriers to successful teacher-led implementation of sex and sexuality education programs



Human Sexuality, Consent and Respectful Relationships Education,  delivered to your class room any time. Affordable, convenient and sustainable. All Year Levels


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About Vanessa

With over 25 years of experience in Sexual Health Nursing and Education, I have created this service with the aim of improving the health & happiness of every human’s experience of BASB (Being A Sexual Being)©.

Through improved knowledge and education, we aim to positively influence each personal lifetime journey of discovering their own unique sexuality personality.


This was easily the best talk I have been to about anything to do with my kids. Straight to the point, informative and actionable. Loved it - thank you!

Primary School Parent

Primary School Parent

Vanessa's presentation is probably one of the best parenting sessions I've ever attended. Honest, engaging, knowledgable, fantastic, Thank you.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Hey Vanessa, just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant session last night!!! You are awesome!! I greatly appreciate your info on understanding gender identity and the differentiation between genitals and gender. I think this clarified a way to think about what can often be a challenging concept for some...Once again many thanks for a truly great session.

Parent and Kindergarten Education Leader

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Teaching your kids about sex and sexuality does not have to be uncomfortable...

Let's get started, it's easier than you think.

Recommended Book List 

Vanessa's personal recommendation of books . A collection of all the books that have come across her desk that she would recommend to people, especially parents - so that you can be the main sexuality educator for your child.

Link Library

Vanessa's personal collection of essential web links. A comprehensive collection of all the web-links you'll ever need so that you can be the main sexuality educator for your child.


Free Essential Mini Masterclass

5 confidence hacks for parents to start and continue sexuality conversations with kids


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