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You know you need to talk to your kids about sex... 

Join me  and I will  take away the fear & uncertainty

 that  is stopping  you ...

First things first:

 "...Conversations about sex, with kids, have hardly anything  to do with sex!!! ..."  

Tell me more about this!!!
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As a parent of 3 myself,  I know how difficult this can be, but if you are not talking to your kids, believe me someone else media, porn, advertising, school yard, TV, Internet. 


Which of these apply to you? 

  • What if I say too much? What if I don’t say enough? 
  • I don’t know what information is age appropriate? 
  • I’m often lost for words in the moment, when questions or teachable opportunities come up, so I avoid it all together
  • I don’t even know what language to use - I’ve never even said the word vagina out loud to an adult let alone a child!
  • My upbringing of it being a topic that is associated with  taboo, shame and guilt are getting in the way 
  • I don’t want to expose them to too much,  or even worse... give them ideas
  • There are so many topics to cover;  body parts, puberty, porn, social media, where do I even begin?
  • How do I start the conversations and what if they don’t want to hear it?
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Say goodbye to the barriers...

This is what parent's tell me is their  biggest take away...

  • Take control of your children's sexuality education, no matter how uncomfortable.
  • It's never too soon to talk the talk
  • TALK TALK TALK to the sex! Conversation and honestly is just so important
  • Human sexuality is very broad - it is not just the act of sex and I have to continue to work hard to be as available to discuss any issues - generally as well - with my kids.
  • To use teaching opportunities in the car!
  • Keep talking to children, don't worry about giving them too much information
  • Education & open conversation is the key
  • Must answer children’s questions
  • Sexuality versus sex, there is no such a thing as too early to discuss it with your kids. Don’t be afraid to add pleasure and joy from the conversation as the basic & normal human need for connection.
  • It’s never too early to educate my child and to do it before someone else tells them.
  • Good to raise awareness / normalise respectful and diverse relationships, sex, sexuality, identity and to emphasise importance of consent and build protective factors against sexual violence, abuse etc.
  • Give age appropriate but honest answers to any questions the kids raise. And include these topics into our everyday lives so its normal to talk about.
  • To rethink most of what you were taught and told growing up about the topic. The more it is discussed in an open way the better the outcomes potentially are
  • Confidence to discuss a variety of matters with my child



You are not alone!

If you are like most parents, the chances are... know you need to have  the conversations, but you are operating from  a mindset  that you learned from your upbringing and the current society around us. 


While you remain stuck this is the reality...

  • Your kids are getting a sexuality education, everyday - is it the one you want?
  • If you are not talking to your kids about sex and sexuality someone, or something else, already is -  e.g. they are being told every day, that they  need to appear and act a certain 'sexual' way, in order  to be attractive and popular
  • Media, advertising, school yard, TV, popular culture, internet, porn, etc are your child’s main source of sex and sexuality education if they are not hearing it from you - this is confusing for kids so who can they turn to? 
  • The truth is - it does not have to be hard to talk to kids about these topics
  • Research clearly shows, that children benefit when their parents are their main educators about sex and sexuality, supported by school education





I know all those feelings,  I was there...even though I had been a sexual health nurse and educator for years - it was a whole new ball game when my own children started asking questions!!!  
Obviously  I knew the content and the topics - but not how to say it to my children!  This is hard - it doesn't come naturally for most people, but it couldn't be more  important, to your role of being responsible for  your child's health and wellbeing …
Being the main sex & sexuality education and information source for them, being their askable adult, their ‘go to’ person, is essential for their safety, health and happiness during their journey through life...
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If you are ready to be the main source of information about sex and sexuality, that your kids need you to be ...

...THEN IT'S TIME ...for you to join me in the ...

Healthy Sexuality  Conversations  Membership

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Access to me...

Would it help you to have  a step by step process with live support from me, on how to be the askable parent your child needs around sex and sexuality information? 

I mean, you can go ahead  and google all this and wade through the ‘World Wide Web’, or I can give you; each key topic,  broken down with content, tips and opportunity for you to ask questions...all based on the age and stage of your kids… 

The membership is designed for success, at giving your kids the accurate sexuality education  & information alternative they desperately need, from you, to counteract society's version that is impacting their right to a unique, safe, healthy and happy lifetime script for their sexuality journey ...

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My suggestions for you  are tried and tested with my three kids - my eldest is 16 yo. 

I have been thrilled with how much my kids tell me about what is happening for them and  how open they are to hearing from me as their main educator.


All in one place, including the optional phone  app...

You will have ongoing access to the most important (but simplified) information, based on the latest global expert advice and research. 

Combined with my 25 years experience of tens of thousands of conversations about sex and sexuality. I have also taught thousands of school children and parents,

I’ll share what I have learnt with you.


Access the membership from anywhere on any device - via an easy to use app

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Monthly Subscription


Around $0.80 cents (AUD) per day!


6 Month Subscription


2 Simple payments per year!


12 Month Subscription


One month free!

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I have seen Vanessa speak live and what she says just makes sense. There is never a time too early to start talking about bodies and sexuality. If we were all so open and honest our kids would only know facts, not myths and lies. Thanks Vanessa for sharing your program and this podcast!  
Apple iTunes Podcast Review  April 2020
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I attended one of these a few months ago. It was incredible, totally blew my mind open about lots of things, and in all honesty I could well do with another attendance to take more of it in. Was so inspired hearing about prep (~5 year olds) learning  about body safety (from Vanessa) and (then) being overheard (by teachers) using (accurate) consent language in the school yard. Admittedly I freaked out about online safety but more freaked out about where/who/what my boys might get ‘information’ if not from us.  Feel much more empowered about having and continuing conversations with our kids. If you can make one of thes (sessions) I highly recommend going.
Parent Facebook Post sharing  Vanessa’s live parent session. January 2020
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The parent talk was very helpful so thank you so much for all the information. I definitely feel much more equipped to talk to the kids. As a parent of three and teacher I really got a lot out of the session and have recommended to my colleagues that our school should follow suit and book you. Thanks for the session I learned so much.
Primary School Parent Wodonga November 2019
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✔️All  content is in a simple app (or webpage) with one log in

✔️Modules are broken into short lessons of  step by step small bite sized chunks of learning

✔️Email reminders sent to your inbox once a week to prompt you about the next lesson

✔️You can do small amounts as recommended each week, or you can ‘binge’ as much as you like, you have access to all of the content as soon as it becomes available

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Module 1: The Foundation - This is mainly about you

In this module we go through some basic principles and underpinning concepts to make the most of your experience while inside the membership and to stay safe and happy while learning about the sensitive topic of sex and sexuality and how it relates to talking to kids. 
  • Who is Vanessa and her purpose of the membership
  • How it all works
  • Health and Safety First!!!
  • Key concepts in sexaulity education information, learning and sharing
  • Privacy is paramount
  • Self care and support

Module 2: The Why - This is where we get started with talking to kids

The 'why ' we need to talk to children about sex & sexuality,  so that you can give your child the greatest opportunity for a safe, happy and healthy sexuality journey over their lifetime.    
Even though ‘sex’ is not for kids human sexuality is. We will clear the reservations and uncertainty that prevents parents from talking with their kids. We clarify what kids learn at school versus what they need to learn at home. We cover all the reasons why parents find this so hard  and therefore often avoid it all together. 
  • Understanding that our sexuality is at the core of who we are
  • Human sexuality is a lifelong experience from birth to death
  • When we provide comprehensive, positive, age appropriate sexuality  information to children from an early age throughout their life, they have better outcomes over their lifetime
  • Sexuality information  from parents, keeps kids healthy happy and safe
  • Sexuality education and conversations are one of parent's greatest responsibilities for the health and safety and wellbeing of their kids 
  • You will have access to a 'go to' list of what is typical sexual behaviour, development 
  • How to approach this topic with positivity, confidence and even joy! How to avoid the  fear, dread, danger, shame and guilt approach.
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Module 3: The What  - Perhaps that ‘sex ed’ you never received?

In this module we cover the 'what’ you need to tell your children.  What human sexuality topics & content and at what ages and stages. You’ll most likely say at the end of this module that you just received the sexuality education you missed out on while growing up.  
  • You will have a list of what is typical conversations content, for each age and stage of development
  • You will have a crash course in human sexuality topics
  • The need to know details of  puberty, reproduction, sexual function, diversity consent, respectful relationships
  • Global research and world health recommendations of what, you as a parent/carer, should tell your child to keep them  healthy and safe in their lifetime sexuality journey

Module 4: The How  - Step by step how to start and continue conversations with ease

If the idea of you being the parent that is super comfortable with talking about sex and sexuality whenever it comes up, seems impossible, this module is for you.  Proven fail safe ways to respond and answer questions that come up - while you stay cool as a cucumber. 
  • How your child will know to expect, and even enjoy, conversations with you 
  • How to be an askable parent 
  • How to be the main sexuality educator in your child's life
  • All the tips for awkward situations, like when questions come up at the supermarket checkout
  • The fail safe way to always respond positively even if you don't feel very positive
  • Tips for starting and then keeping the conversations going - even into the teen years
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Module 5: The When

Timing can be everything when having conversations about sex and sexuality with children. 
  • Finding the answers together 
  • Using teachable moments like a pro - you’ll  even go looking for them!
  • You’ll know what to say and at what age
  • Identifying the best family times for conversations

Module 6: The Conversations - The future...these are ongoing and never ending  conversations

Everything you will ever need...think of it as your tool box in the top drawer in the kitchen - easy to access the right tool for the right job every time.  
  • Extra videos
  • Vanessa’s personal library collection of up to date resources
  • Fact sheets, checklists
  • Community to learn from and share with 
  • Regular live Q&A sessions, providing access to ask Vanessa questions as they come up
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If you follow the content, I know you’ll love the results. 

In fact I’m so confident that this membership will help you learn about human sexuality and how to talk to kids about it, that if you are not completely satisfied after your first 90 days,  we will issue a full  90 day refund no questions asked.  (Full refund for 6 and 12 month subscriptions)

Remember you can cancel your membership at any time.

No refunds will be given after this period, but membership can be cancelled at any time. 

You’ll always have our membership help email for any payment related queries.







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Hi Vanessa, I started attending your sessions when my son was in kinder. He started year 7 this year and I’ll be at your presentation this week at his high school. Very much looking forward to hearing you speak (again)! 😊 
Secondary School Parent NHS March 2020
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Thank you once again for such a fantastic program! It’s so lovely having you in, and I know that staff, parents and students alike all learned a lot, and are very appreciative of your knowledge! Many thanks!
Primary School Teacher APS March 2020
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Thanks so much Vanessa for your words of wisdom - your practical advice in the face of huge global issues is very helpful to me.
Primary school parent December 2019
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I bloody loved it, some of the best training I’ve ever done.
Thank you for teaching us language and skills that we can implement straight away in our everyday work and interactions with young people.
Youth Worker September 2019
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Awesome job Vanessa, your work inspires me to keep talking with my two young boys about respectful relationships and a healthy approach to all things sexuality related 
Instagram Parent Feedback February 2020

You can be the ask-able parent your kids need you to be 

The Membership  has all the tips and tools you will ever need. 

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*Live Parent Presentation: Prerecorded  Video of my signature parent session

*Coaching Calls: Regular live Q&A calls with me & other members: access live or in your own time 

*Link Library: my  personal collection of useful links to global online resources

*E-Book - Complete Guide to conversations by age and conversations starters

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✔️Parents/Carers who live with 4-12  yo children

✔️Parents/Carers who value the importance of of their children having a safe, healthy and happy human sexuality journey through life

✔️Parents/Carers who are committed to being the main sexuality educators for their kids so that they will get a better version than what they are currently receiving, daily, from society (advertising, social media, porn, popular culture, etc etc)

✔️Parents and carers who are determined to break the cycle of past generations receiving inaccurate, unhelpful, sexuality information and education based on shame, fear, secrecy, guilt and taboo topics

✔️Parents/Carers who want to know the simple and effective tips for being an ask able parent. Who want to have   experiences of conversations about sex and sexuality, as an easy part of everyday parenting that is also positive, joyful and light hearted

Monthly Subscription


Around $0.80 cents (AUD) per day!


6 Month Subscription


2 Simple payments per year!


12 Month Subscription


One month free!


Say goodbye to even more barriers...

This is more of what parent's tell me is their  biggest take away...

  • Ideas for talking with children about a very wide range of topics from a young age.
  • Importance of early engagement with kids on the topic, always being open and approachable, keeping kids safe and aware of risks
  • It doesn’t have to be hard as long as you provide a calm approach
  • The healthy way to present information to kids and book recommendations.
  • To be positive about sexuality for my children so they can have a better experience than I did with my sex education. It helped me to think through how I learnt about things, and how I want my kids to learn about things like pleasure, consent, relationships etc.
  • Early communication, how to manage pornography
  • How to better talk about sex and sexuality with teens, very insightful
  • Keep talking to your children
  • Keep having conversations with teen re sexuality. Use teachable moments
  • How to listen for opportunities to initiate talk about sex and sexuality
  • The right language to use when talking to my kids. Recommended books to read to my kids. E-safety tips.
  • Communication,  teachable moments, normal to have a range of feelings, consent
  • Be the ask-able parent, speak openly about sex & relationships 

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