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Anti Safe Schools Video Response

news Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 05/08/2017

14/08/2017 update to this blog:



13/08/2017 update to this blog:



08/08/2017 update to this blog:

Sorry the video had to be removed due to the harmful lies and fear mongering being posted about it - please see this post on Talking The Talk social media today, I hope you find the information useful.

Please be clear there is only one person on the internet recently that claimed 'HOW TO USE dildos and HOW TO masturbate is being taught in schools' and that person was not me. Obviously I would not say that because it's absurd and nonsense to suggest (and believe) that the 'how to' would be taught in schools.

Have a look at what is taught here.

Have a look at a worldwide, award winning youth website, Scarleteen, that does describe 'the how to' here.

Some tips on how to be respectful to other humans here.

You can find world health recommendations and other free resources at the end of this post to help parents learn about sexuality and how to have positive discussions with your children. Remember, sex is not for children and this is the main message they need to receive while you give them adequate information about human sexuality: such as body safety, puberty and respectful relationships.

Parents need to be the main educators to counteract the current sexuality education every child in our society is receiving every day when they walk out the door, when they look at the TV, listen to the radio and use the internet. ​

We could learn from the World Health Organisation Recommendations: Key conceptual elements of sexual health (2005). Here is what they recommend.

When viewed holistically and positively:
  • Sexual health is about well-being, not merely the absence of disease.
  • Sexual health involves respect, safety and freedom from discrimination and violence
  • Sexual health depends on the fulfilment of certain human rights.
  • Sexual health is relevant throughout the individual’s lifespan, not only to those in the reproductive years, but also to both the young and the elderly.
  • Sexual health is expressed through diverse sexualities and forms of sexual expression.
  • Sexual health is critically influenced by gender norms, roles, expectations and power dynamics.
  • Sexual health needs to be understood within specific social, economic and political contexts.

Click here for the list of WHO recommendations
Click here for more resources



Some links for parents

Naming vulva and vagina: Watch at least up to 3 mins 
Scroll down to: ”Freedom fighters” watch at least from 5 mins 30 secs for explanation of embryonic transformation to male or female
63 gender identities: Watch at least from from 7 minutes 30 seconds