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Feedback From Parent Training Sessions

“This was easily the best talk I have been to about anything to do with my kids. Straight to the point, informative and actionable. Loved it – thank you”

Primary School Parent

“Vanessa’s presentation is probably one of the best parenting sessions I’ve ever attended. Honest, engaging, knowledgeable, fantastic. Thank you”

Primary School Parent

"Hey Vanessa, just wanted to say thank you for such a brilliant session last night!! You are awesome!! I greatly appreciate your info on understanding gender identity and the differentiation between genitals and gender. I think this has clarified a way to think about what can often be a challenging concept for some…Once again many thanks for a truly great session."

Parent and Kindergarten Education Leader

Feedback From Teacher Training Sessions

“I enjoyed seeing and putting into practice the resources that are available to use. Also being able to discuss the topics with colleagues.”

Secondary School Teacher

“…I just wanted to touch base … to say a huge thank you for all of the work you put into our sessions! I have spoken to quite a few people, that were involved and they have all been raving about it. They all got so much out of the time that they spent with you and I am really excited about where this could go within a school which desperately needs this sort of education. The way you communicated with the group was second to none. You made all of the material accessible and ensured that you catered to all of our staff and students. Our kids and their parents will never be able to thank you but I want you to know that they all appreciate what you have done for them…”

Campus Principal, Secondary College

“…Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about the class I ran after our PD together… as you suggested, we were able access some examples of the different methods of contraception. These props were amazing to have in the class, as the Girls loved seeing, feeling and talking about all of the different ways that they can protect themselves. The class ran so seamlessly. I especially love how it feels like one big woman’s circle in the classroom – with wellbeing workers, the girls, and two teachers all sharing our personal experiences and preferences etc. One girl even said at the beginning of class that she hated condoms, and by the end of it (after putting it on the plastic penis) she left exclaiming “I love condoms!!” – This girl also aptly named the class “Girls Club” as well….Which I absolutely love! I really wanted to share this with you, and wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for all the work that you are doing in schools and with parents! So THANK YOU! for empowering our young kids and parents to be able to freely discuss these topics – it is paving the way for a more informed, loving and accepting way of life.Can’t wait for the next PD!…”

Teacher of High Risk Young Women

What Our Happy Customers Have Said

“…It was a great light hearted and informative presentation that you gave at our school… I thought that it was so interesting that the 1.5 hours flew by…you really delivered the message of using teachable moments and using the examples of your own children asking these questions not only adds humour but a sense of “We’re all in this together.”… the turnout of so many parents was great for a cold winter’s night, showing just how needed this information is and how good you are! I know that if there was a second presentation many would send their partners along to hear it too… I think you’re doing great work and hopefully parents will use the tools you provided to start the conversation…Thank you.”

Parent and Human Relations Educator

“Vanessa, I was at the talk tonight at ….Primary School and just wanted to say thanks….You presented the information effectively and posed some great through provoking questions that I’m now quizzing my wife on!”

Primary School Parent

“It was through a good friend and parent at a school you have presented to that I came across your website. She attended one of your sessions and was very impressed by the impact it had in her life and in her school community…”

Primary School Parent

“Thanks for the great session at our Primary School last night, Vanessa. Lots to think about and talk about.”

Primary School Parent

​“Wonderful presentation tonight Vanessa, so glad I attended. Now to start those conversations with my kids :)”

Primary School Parent


So that you can have healthy sex & sexuality conversations with Kids.