Do babies come from the mummy and daddy’s imagination? Do they draw the baby and it comes to life?

talking to kids about sex Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 09/10/2018

Here is just one of the many ways to explain sexual intercourse to make a baby.

Remember to explain that the word 'sex' means lots of different things to different people. What we are explaining here is called sexual intercourse or some people call it making love. Of course there are other ways to make a baby and a family too - this is just the most common way. A gender neutral version is listed below.


Here is an example of the same topic being discussed, but using gender neutral language:

"...I’m so glad you asked me about that question, I have been meaning to talk to you about the wonderfully amazing way that humans reproduce. What do you already know about it?
To make a baby, an egg and seed are needed and they have to join together. They are called ovum and sperm. The two people who have decided to make a baby do something very special for the sperm and ovum to get together. In a very private place, they hug and kiss and touch each others bodies, they usually have no clothes on. When they are both ready, the person with the vagina accepts the penis into the vagina. The penis delivers the sperm and then it travels up to find the egg..."