I have a big question to ask you…regarding our children’s future…

respectful relationships talking to kids about sex Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 16/12/2019


I have a big question for you: 


What will you prioritise in 2020 that will positively impact the future of children you live and/or work with?


I know, huge question, right?

But it doesn't have to be.

I think we all strive for positive change for children’s futures (well, maybe not all politicians). Rather than be overwhelmed and not do anything at all, I’ve decided to pick two priority areas to really focus on for improving kids' future in 2020.


Specifically, my focus will be related to:

  1. Their right to a safe climate


  2. Their right to experience informed, safe, fulfilling & respectful relationships


I’ve picked these because I believe that if we can live in harmony with each other and with the earth, this will go a long way towards improving the other global and local challenges we face as well. I have a choice to feel overwhelmed for my children’s future or I can choose to reframe that energy and use it positively instead...




My motto has always been when we feel overwhelmed by a massive problem: “Think globally, act locally!

Just do as much as you can in your little corner of the world and know that it will have a ripple effect.

Some events that contributed to my commitment to prioritise these two areas of positive change in children’s lives in 2020:

  • We moved two weeks ago (after 16 years) and all the aspects of this huge, life-changing event for my family, suddenly gave me a new perspective on quality and quantity time with my kids.
    • i.e. I realised I only have only 4 more summer holidays with my eldest child until they are 18 and most likely spending much of their spare time away from us with friends.
    • I am wondering what aspects of human sexuality and relationship conversations do I still need to fit in during that time?
  • The week before we moved house, I flew over the east coast of Australia as the current bush fires had just started and saw the edge of the fire burning hectares of land. This site took my breath away, a profound perspective about the country and climate my children will inherit from my generation.
  • My flight was to attend a meeting of the Society of Australian Sexologists, of which I am a member as an educator. During our workshops, we were reminded how much work still needs to be done regarding educating humans, globally, about sexuality, respect, diversity, human rights (i.e. reproductive choice), the right to sexuality education and information etc.
  • Past couple months the media has again been filled with news of basic human rights (specifically sexuality rights) being taken away. Also how governments, big business, churches and the like, play a role in this (e.g. banks identifying child exploitation transactions, governments passing bills for health professionals to choose not to provide contraception, child abuse, sexual assault in my local park...the list goes on).


Perhaps we could all take the time to focus on restoring the balance and harmony on this planet so that our children can have the life they deserve.

My ‘thinking globally acting locally’ ideas for rebalancing the harmony and empowerment for my kids so far are:

  • Make more time to ‘be present’ with my kids which inevitably allows an opportunity for lots of little conversations about respectful relationships and human sexuality
  • Make a ‘to do’ list of things I haven't yet covered regarding sexuality information for each of my kids
  • Teach as many adults as I can, how to have positive & empowering conversations about sex and sexuality with children
  • Continue to offer my services free of charge, to my children’s schools in order to positively impact my own children’s peers/families
  • Learn more, as a family, about compost by setting up our spinning worm farm (a house warming present)
  • Involve the kids in growing herbs and veggies in our new backyard
  • Avoid waste in the kitchen by meal planning, composting, recycling and more
  • Teach the kids to use the enviro cleaning products and cloths I have purchased
  • Stick to only buying my planet-friendly (and charity contribution) products: makeup, toilet paper, toiletries, cleaning etc.


I’d love to hear some other ideas if you would share them, email me or post on social media.

If you want to be one of the adults who learns more, from me, about human sexuality so that you can give kids the best information in 2020, join our ‘coming soon’ membership by signing up to the waitlist here.


Till next time,