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Is this how we should treat our Valentine? How parents can give children an alternative and positive message about human relationships

respectful relationships Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 13/02/2018

Children are receiving human sexuality messages all the time. In the absence of ongoing conversations at home and/or good education at school, they learn from their surroundings i.e. media, advertising, popular music. These versions are fake and misleading. They generally do not represent fulfilling, pleasurable, respectful, connected, consensual partnerships.


Take this image above for example, I see one person dominating the other, using power over them, forcefully coercing them. I have outlined this in the video below. What do you see? Do you think that we are so used to these messages that we see this as a normal way to treat our Valentine?

Valentines Video from Talking The Talk Sex & Health Ed on Vimeo.


In my online guide for parents, How to have conversations about Sex and Sexuality with your children , I give parents essential tips for providing their children with the knowledge they need to have a future of satisfying, fulfilling connected relationships.  Society's current version of what it is to 'Being A Sexual Being' - just does not cut it. ​