May the 4th be with you! How to explain condoms to kids

sexuality education talking to kids about sex Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 04/05/2018

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A six year old said to his mum when 'condom' was mentioned on the car radio: 
"...I know what a condom is! The man uses the condom to lie down with the lady so she doesn't have a baby..."

If you heard that, would you know how to respond?
Here are some suggestions on how to explain condoms to kids of different age groups:

A suggestion for younger children as part of the amazing story of how humans are created:
"...A condom is a special thin piece of rubber, kind of similar to a balloon that easily goes onto the penis and collects the sperm so that they don't travel up to meet the egg."
"Why would you stop the โ€‹sperm getting to the egg?" says the child.
"Because sometimes adults might choose to enjoy sexual intercourse as a way of showing their love and respect and care for each other, they don't always want make a baby, so a condom helps with this..."
A suggestion for older children:
"...Condoms prevent some infections that can be spread through sexual contact from passing onto another person..."
"...Condoms should be used for all penetrative sexual contact to prevent pregnancy and STIs, they make sexual intimacy safe and I bought you some for you to practice using and become familiar with, it's very important that they are used properly and they take a bit of getting used to..."