My Recommended Period Tracker App for Tweens and Teens

Nov 06, 2023

Parents and carers, I want to share with you an amazing new app that is now available to download called TEMPUS - the perfect period tracker app for tweens and teens! This app was specifically designed with tweens and teens in mind, so you can rest easy knowing that it is safe for children to use. 

Darren and Jane Lattin created TEMPUS due to the lack of appropriate period tracker apps for tweens and teens, as most apps focus on tracking fertility or pregnancy, contain unmoderated chat channels, provided links to YouTube for health advice, had unsuitable advertising, or potentially sold user health data.

To fill this gap in the market, they have designed it as a privacy driven app first and foremost. A friend and colleague of mine, Cath Hakanson, wrote all of the educational content for this app, so I am thrilled to support both her and the team behind TEMPUS in their launch. Cath Hakanson is an experienced author, nurse and Mother of two who has provided accurate, age-appropriate and reliable information about periods, tampons, pads and much more on the app. This is a perfect, safe and reliable app to help your child to better understand their period.

Here are some of the amazing features of this app:

Through clicking the ‘Content’ tab you can browse a range of important topics. There’s even a search bar where your teen can ask a question  and you can be assured they will be receiving accurate, age-appropriate answers rather than the unknowns of searching something on Google.

Your child can add in important events from the week ahead, such as if they have a test or school sport, and see if it might happen during their period. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with painful periods.

I cannot recommend this enough! Click here to download TEMPUS on the App Store or on Google Play.