Online Safety & Sexuality Impact On Kids: 3 Experts Chat

sexuality education talking to kids about sex Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 12/04/2021


What do a Teacher, a Psychologist, and a Sexual Health Nurse Educator chat about when it comes to what they wish adults (parents and teachers) knew about how simple it can be to keep kids safe in this digital world?

In this light-hearted chat between Inform and Empower Cyber Safety Education Experts and Talking The Talk Healthy Sexuality Education, Marty (a Primary School Teacher), Carley (a Child Psychologist) and Vanessa (a Sexual Health Nurse & Educator) share their top tips to support parents and teachers to help keep kids safe in this digital world. 

We acknowledge that many adults have never had adequate sexuality education and many also don't know enough about the games kids play. In this interview, we share our experiences of working with teachers and parents, so that you can learn just how easy it can be to have conversations with kids at home and in the classroom. All it takes is a bit of know-how and thinking outside the box. 

This interview is for all adults who care about children’s sexuality and online health, well-being and safety.

Just a couple of examples of tips you will hear:

For Teachers:

  • How to weave digital citizenship, sexuality education and respectful relationships into everyday teaching
  • How to incorporate sexuality education into Prep maths class

For Parents

  • How to start and encourage connected conversations with kids about difficult topics, like pornography 
  • Carley, an experienced psychologist and parent, tells us some things on her wish list of what she would love parents to do - some simple tips that will change the way you talk to your kids 



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