Podcast with Sex in Space

Nov 09, 2023

I was so honoured to join the Sex in Space podcast last week! Jane and I spoke about all things to do with sexuality and how we can navigate these topics and conversations as parents/carers. 

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I aim to empower parents to be more comfortable in facilitating conversations about human sexuality, respectful relationships and consent. So my take home message always is …

“Who do you want to be the first person to introduce each topic of sexuality to your child? Hopefully the answer is you

We cannot expect our kids to become sexual beings when they turn 18 and stop wearing their school uniform. Human sexuality is life long and is healthy and normal, we know that age appropriately talking to kids about it contributes to keeping them healthy, safe and well. 

For example, a study released the week of 30th October 2023, showed:

High trust and good communication with parents during adolescence reduced sexual abuse victimisation (of older teens in intimate partnerships) by 77%...it also reduced emotional abuse victimisation by 39%!!!!



Let’s teach them consent through play from a young age, and scaffold their knowledge as they get older so they can apply this to intimate relationships later on in life. Let’s teach them about puberty BEFORE they go through it, so they don’t feel ashamed about what is happening to their body. Let’s teach about STI prevention and safe sex practices to reduce unintended  pregnancy. Let’s break down rigid gender stereotypes and call out disrespect that is displayed in pornography, TV and movies.

Have a listen to this podcast on the way to work or on a walk - I hope it inspires you to facilitate these conversations with your kids!

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