Podcast Interview with Vanessa: Talking About Education

Nov 13, 2023

I was thrilled to join the Mark Parry on his Perspectives in Parryville Podcast where we talked about all things education and writing in regard to relationships, respect, diversity, reproduction, consent, pleasure, health and sexuality. Mark wrote a glowing review of my new book and then invited me on, we had a great chat. 

He is very interested in education and has past experience as a Physical Education teacher, during the interview he reached for a 1980s biology textbook and we confirmed the clitoris was missing from the anatomy section. Teachers especially will enjoy the podcast.  

This is What Mark says about his interesting podcast: 

“...Unexpected and profound insights from smart people you’d like to meet. Mark Parry has a perspective, but as a conduit he wants you to hear the perspectives of others. Mark’s longstanding commitment to learning, teaching and communication gets more engaging than ever as he chats with a broad and diverse range of intelligent, friendly and interesting people—artists, researchers, scientists, psychologists, filmmakers —who are thinking about new ideas and then getting on with making a big or small impact on the world. Mark takes time to listen to their perspectives, and so can you…”

‘Sex’ is so much more than just the physical act, or being male or female. Let’s empower our kids with the knowledge they need about human sexuality, about their bodies, and how to engage in healthy and positive relationships.

Let’s change the culture of fear, shame and hushed tones when it comes to these topics. While it may be awkward, the evidence actually shows that age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education reduces the risk of STIs and unplanned pregnancy, as well as reducing the risk of sexual abuse. This is through educating children on the accurate names of their body parts and creating a safety network of trusted adults they can turn to, and the basics of consent. Because this education is age-appropriate it scaffolds as they get older and can be applied to intimate relationships later on in life.

I believe that human sexuality is at the heart of being human, that young people deserve a better outcome through life, and how this can be addressed with education - at home and in the classroom. 

Who do you want to be the first person to introduce each topic of sexuality to your child? Hopefully the answer is you

Educators, parents and carers, I encourage you to have a listen to this podcast! I hope it inspires you to talk to kids about human sexuality, respectful relationships and consent.

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