Talking The Talk Healthy Conversations Episode 11: My 12 year old boy says he likes boys, how can I support him?

podcast Jun 15, 2020




If your child told you they were lesbian or gay or bisexual or pansexual, how would you react? Lots of parents ask me how to support their children’s sexual diversity.

I get many questions especially related to attraction/orientation (who they are attracted to).  Most are worried about how best to support their child. They are often worried for their safety.   Parents should be proud that their child felt safe enough to tell them about their sexual orientation.

I worry about the kids who don’t have an adult to tell. These podcasts are designed to prepare all parents for the potential for their child, or another, might tell them they are gay or bisexual or gender diverse or trans.  Adults often assume that all kids are heterosexual and cisgender (straight and gender matches their sex assigned at birth)  but this is not a reflection of human sexual diversity.


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