Teaching Kids About Sexuality Early Will Not Destroy Their Innocence – Kidspot article

talking to kids about sex Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 17/08/2018
I recently had a chat with Kidspot about the importance of teaching your kids about human sexuality in 2017, and I think the message is important. 

Here is an image featured in the article, which is one that I use all the time from Western Australian Department of Health Growing and Developing Health Relationships Program. It gives a framework for good sexuality and relationship education for young people. 
I use this image to show, as I said in the article:
"It's not sex ed we should be focussed on, but rather we should be teaching kids about human sexuality.
The point of sex ed is to empower children with information about human sexuality that focuses on joy and responsibility, and that encompasses so many things.
When we think of sex we think of penis vagina heterosexual sex and that has just got barely anything to do with human sexuality."

I always say that sex is not for kids, but understanding their own bodies, consent and human sexuality is.