Teaching your child body safety is one of a parent’s most important roles

body & protective safety respectful relationships Aug 26, 2021
Originally posted 23/04/2017

Why is teaching your children body safety so important?

  • Everyone has body autonomy and should learn the tools to assert their boundaries, feel safe and know that they have the power to choose who is allowed to touch their body with their consent
  • The principles of consent and body safety are important for children as these are valuable lessons they will always need 
  • Education around body and protective safety are important in preventing and identifying child sexual abuse
  • Children are usually sexually abused by some one known to them: ​95% of children are sexually abused by someone they know and trust. (NAPCAN, 2009)
  • Child sexual abuse occurs in all types of families and cultures
  • Children of any gender and from all ages can be at risk

Video course for parents how to teach body safety to children - highly recommended:

Safe4Kids Parent Information Course 


Article from the Age Newspaper with 5 essential tips to teach your child for child abuse prevention:

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Help for parents starting conversations about sex with kids:

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Free Resources

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