Sexuality Education for Parents of Primary School Aged Children, 2020

(An online presentation recording)

What it is:

  • An online version of face to face presentation, Vanessa usually presents live
  • 90 minute recorded video 
  • Ongoing Access,  24/7 on any phone, device or computer with internet access
  • Watch it as many times as you like, watch it with your child’s other parent/carer
  • Useful information if you also have kids younger or older than primary school age

What does Vanessa talk about?

  • Human sexuality is complex  and diverse and has hardly anything to do with 'sex'.
  • Removing barriers to talking to your kids about sex and human sexuality 
  • How to immediately teach body & protective safety to your kids
  • Demonstrate how to have positive reactions to typical early childhood sexual behaviour 
  • Encouraging  parents so that they can provide puberty preparation for kids
  • The key things parents need to know about internet safety and our sexualised society

After watching the video you will be aware of:

  • How you need be your child’s main source of sex and sexuality information
  • What is appropriate and typical behaviour to expect  from kids 
  • How much detail to give children 
  • What age to discuss each topic 
  • Parent’s fears and myths that often prevent essential sexuality conversations 
  • Where to find further resources



What others are saying about accessing online presentation:

“...I also want to say that running it online was so helpful because it meant both my partner and I could attend.  Doing it in person would have meant someone staying home or getting a babysitter, so this was far more accessible…”

Parent of Primary School Age Child 

"...Many thanks Vanessa. I was a bit surprised by just how much content there needed to be - but all of it was important! A bit frightening about the issues of on-line porn; and the age at which teenagers are experiencing sexual behaviours these days!

...I especially thought your examples of wording to initiate conversations, or to answer tricky questions were very helpful. I’m glad to be able to find some of these on your website...

Many thanks again for being so open to having others join in.


Grandparent of Primary School Age Child 

“...I just wanted to say a great big thank you for the session you conducted (online) last week.  It was very informative and there are many new concepts and ideas my partner and I will take away.  

The overall message of “who do you want to be having these talks with your kids?” really resonated and affirmed that we are in the best position to be doing this work.  It also affirmed that we’re on the right track with many things.  I’ve since bought the book “Sex is a Funny Word” which my 10 year old loves, and am looking into all the other resources…”

Parent of Primary School Age Child