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Vanessa Hamilton

Hi there, I'm Vanessa Hamilton

A Sexuality Educator and Mum to three wonderful kids as well as a partner and household manager :)


I created Talking The Talk Healthy Sexuality Education in response to my experience,  of the alarming moment,  when my 5 year old child asked an in-depth question about ‘Sex’ and even though I was a Sexual Health Nurse, I didn’t know how to answer that extra level of detail with them!

Fast forward several years and the business (& I) have evolved with this purpose for the decade beginning 2020:

To improve the health, wellbeing & happiness of every human’s experience of BASB (Being A Sexual Being) ©. 
Through knowledge and education, we aim to positively influence each personal lifetime experience of discovering their own unique sexuality journey.

When this  initial parenting experience happened to me, I was surprised by my nervous reaction, after all I had spoken to literally thousands of people about Sex and Human Sexuality and I knew the answers to kids questions. I’d answered the simple ones from my kids. So why, as a parent, did I find discussing topics related to ‘Sex’ and ‘Human Sexuality' with a young child so confronting?

You would think a Sexual Health Nurse with more than two decades of experience could handle this situation? My first reaction was to try and avoid the topic all together…I’ve discovered over the years that other parents do this too!

During my years as a Clinical Nurse Consultant and a Post Graduate University Lecturer in Sexual Health I had often worked with Doctors and Nurses who feel nervous and inadequate about their skills and knowledge regarding conversations about Sexuality. Often they too would completely avoid the topic with their patients.

Whether you are a parent/carer, health professional or a teacher, talking about sex does not have to be difficult. I would like to share with you the many simple tips and strategies I have developed over the years to have these essential conversations.
I have dedicated the next phase of my professional working life to empowering the current generation of children with essential information for safe and positive relationship experiences over their lifetime…

It only takes a relatively short session with adult groups to empower them with knowledge, skills and resources required to build confidence to address sexuality and sexual health issues when ever the need arises. I also dispel myths and fears. Students sessions are based on global research that tells us time and time again about the benefits of early age-appropriate Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Everyone can benefit from basic, accurate information about Human Sexuality across the lifespan. I will share with you, what I think, are the most important, yet little known facts of Human Sexuality that provide individuals with more fulfilling and positive relationship experiences and the ability to teach children to have positive outcomes during their adolescence and beyond.

My work has resulted in me being a highly respected and sought after speaker, writer and educator. In my professional career, I have literally spoken to tens of thousands of people about Sex and Sexuality during my 24 years experience as a Sexual Health Nurse and also 16 years spent educating children and adults. I have immersed myself in helping parents, teachers and health professionals understand Human Sexuality and how it relates to children.

By providing simple explanations, tools and tips, I hope to reduce the fear that many people have. I facilitate age-appropriate conversations that support children as they grow up in this currently, hyper-sexualised society.

My tagline is: “Let’s get started it’s easier than you think”.

ā€‹It actually really is – click here to see what others have said after attending my sessions.


Relevant Experience

Sexual Health Nurse for over  25  Years including:

  • HIV Nursing, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
  • Advanced Practice Nurse, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Nursing Services Manager, Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant Sexual Health, Austin Health: Rehabilitation & General Medicine

 Sexual Health Educator for more than 18 years:

  • Schools
  • Health Professionals
  • Post Graduate University Lecturer


  • Australian Sexual Health Nurses Association – ASHNA
  • Australian Society of Sexologists – SAS

Mother of three

Who We Are

Vanessa Hamilton

Founder & Sexuality Educator

Rachelle Deem

Tech & Automation Consultant

Rebecca GillieĀ 

Sexuality Education and Admin AssistantĀ 

Emily MahĀ 

Education ConsultantĀ 

Joanna Anagnotou

Sexuality Education ConsultantĀ 

"...Dear Vanessa, my sister just sent me your website and I have spent two hours reading every word and watching every video. You are my hearo... Thank you for everything you are doing. It is the most important work in the world..."

Parent Email

"I bloody loved it...some of the best training I've ever done... thank you Vanessa for teaching us language and skills that we can implement straight away in our everyday work and interactions with young people..."

Youth Worker

"...I organised this session for our school and we found it really interesting and useful about how to talk about these tricky topics with our kids... Vanessa is open-minded, truthful and sensitive to all families, cultures and religions...Her Facebook page is a great resource too..."

Primary School Parent

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