Our teacher education delivers content that addresses two of the most commonly identified barriers to successful teacher-led implementation of sex and sexuality education programs:

Familiarity with the subject & curriculum content, as well as, increased levels of personal comfort & confidence regarding the topic of students’ sexual health.

Our tailored sessions from 1 hour to full days will provide teachers with tips, resources, essential information and a greater appreciation of why young people deserve to have the knowledge and skills required to negotiate and experience fulfilling, satisfying, and safe partnerships and sexual health in their lifetime.

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Sessions can be tailored from 1-8 hours

Often just some simple training for Teachers about human sexuality will improve skills, understanding and confidence in managing sexuality topics.

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"... My only suggested improvement - More Time! Was Fantastic Thank You..."

Secondary School Teacher

"This course was excellent! Delivery was brilliant and loved the hands on approach. Thanks Vanessa!"

Secondary School Teacher

"... hi Vanessa, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about the class I ran after our PD together... as you suggested, we were able to access some examples of the different methods of contraception. These props were amazing to have in the class, as the Girls loved seeing, feeling and talking about all the different ways that they can protect themselves. The class ran so seamlessly."

Teacher of High Risk Young People

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So that you can have healthy sex & sexuality conversations with Kids.