My response to a sex attack in my local park

respectful relationships Aug 26, 2021
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Recently a person assaulted someone in my local park. The person who was assaulted was brave and courageous, and fought the attacker under what must have been terrifying circumstances. The attacker turned the selves into police the next day. I have been going to this park nearly every week for 16 years, it is my children’s sport club grounds, I am a member of an outdoor fitness group and I walk to the sessions, often in the dark, where we exercise early in the morning, we walk the dog there, my children run and play there, we attend the outdoor cinema complete with food trucks in summer.

I was furious when this happened and for the first time really questioned my usual stance that I will walk wherever and whenever I want to in my local area. I will not give into fear caused by predators who harm people. I felt helpless but was compelled to go to the park the next day to create a video to support parents with some resources so that hopefully some good might come out of this terrible situation.

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